Vertical Gardens

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Take your garden up the wall with a Vertical Garden

From covering unsightly spaces, to adding interest to bland spots, to drawing birds and butterflies into your garden, vertical gardens have impact well beyond their visual interest. Learn the design principles and basics of creating your own with Daniel Nolan, a renowned garden designer. In this class, he introduces you to two modular options for getting a vertical wall up fast: a pocket system for creating a lush, cascading garden, and a plastic frame for supporting a myriad of succulents. Watch as he walks you through each step of the process, and hear his secrets for taking your creations from a B level to the A+ realm.

This class includes a Bonus Video: Plant an Indoor Succulent Garden.

Growing succulents indoors can be tricky, as the interior environment often differs from their preferred growing environments. Learn how to choose plant varieties that are more likely to do well indoors, and how to plant a grouping of them into a modern, fresh, indoor garden.
Total class time: 56 min. of video lessons



Daniel is a designer at the renowned Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. His work includes residential and commercial landscapes, and tends towards plant palettes of succulents, staghorn ferns and palms.
His work has been featured in San Francisco, Martha Stewart Living, Elle Décor, Condé Nast Traveler, Monocle, The San Francisco Chronicle and Sunset.

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Video: Grow a Vertical Succulent Garden

How to Grow Succulents

In this segment, Daniel shows you what to look for in a wall system, discusses soil and plant choices, demonstrates how to divide and plant succulents, and covers rooting, watering, and care instructions.

Video: Create a Vertical Pocket Garden

Vertical Garden Pocket System

Learn the ins-and-outs of creating a living wall with a modular pocket system. Daniel shows you how to get the lush look fast through strategic plant choices, and walks you through the design, planting and watering processes.

Bonus Video: Plant an Indoor Succulent Garden

Modern Succulent Arrangement

There are some tricks to growing succulents indoors successfully. Join Daniel to learn how to make smart plant choices, arrange and plant a mix of succulents artfully, and water and care for your indoor succulent garden.

Additional Materials

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Materials List: Vertical Pocket Garden
Materials List: Indoor Succulent Garden
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