Slow Flowers

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Slow Flowers Class
Debra Prinzing of

Slow Flowers: the Art of Sustainable flower arrangements

Working with the flowers and foliage you grow or forage is immensely satisfying. When you work with what you harvest yourself, your arrangements naturally have the look of the moment: they are exactly what is in season right now, where you are. Supermarket flowers, by contrast, have often been flown in from another continent, which gives them a tired look, and is why they don’t last long in the vase.

In this class, the acclaimed founder of, Debra Prinzing, shares her environmentally-friendly strategies for working with fresh-from-the-garden material. Follow along as Debra teaches practical skills for creating your own unexpected and delightful arrangements. You will learn how to have your garden and cut it too, create structure for bouquets without floral foam, hand-tie gift bouquets and create a ‘slow flowers’ centerpiece.
Class time: 30 min. of video lessons



Debra is the founder of, and a leader of the American Grown flower farming movement.
She has written seven books, including Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets and The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers. Her work has appeared in a range of publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Garden Design, Metropolitan Home, Sunset and Better Homes & Gardens.

About this class

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Video: Eco-Friendly Bouquet Tips

Sustainable Bouquets

Debra demonstrates three different ways to create structure and support for your floral arrangements, without using environmentally-unfriendly floral foam.

Video: Cutting and Caring for Flowers

How to Cut Flowers

In this segment, you see the best practices for cutting flowers to leave both the flowers and your garden in good shape. Then learn how to care for your cut flowers so they last as long as possible in the vase.

Video: A Slow Flowers Centerpiece

Slow Flowers Sunflower Arrangment

Design principles make a big difference when you arrange flowers from your garden. Learn how to create a centerpiece from the vase up. This segments covers color palettes, balancing proportional elements and adding unexpected design twists.

Video: Making a Gift Bouquet

Gift Bouquet in a Mason Jar

Join Debra as she shares a simple, classic method for making the most of what you grow or forage from the garden. See why hand-tied bouquets are quick to make, and long appreciated.

Additional Materials

Elements of Sustainable Arrangements
Seasonal Ingredients List
Materials List: Slow Flowers Centerpiece
Materials List: Gift Bouquet