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      “During the class, I learned several mind-blowingly simple tricks to make planting and caring for my plants so much easier. And I watched Baylor put together a sensationally cool centerpiece that sits right on the table. She also demonstrates how to moss-wrap plants, which opens up all sorts of gifting and displaying possibilities.”

–Christina W.


DIY flower arrangements that outlive (and may outshine) the party

Most people think about using cut flowers to decorate special occasions. But Baylor Chapman has made a career out of creating longer lasting, more unusual living arrangements. Made with living plants, these arrangements aren’t always contained to traditional vases; instead, they are built around bases such as grapevines or driftwood. These stunning displays can thrive for weeks or months in your home, or go on to live in your garden for years. Ephemeral elements can be added and subtracted over time, to keep everything fresh and current.

In ‘Creating Living Arrangements,’  you learn how to create your own, from conception to finishing touches. Watch as Baylor builds an arrangement that tells the story of a spring woodland garden. Then use the techniques you learn in this class and the included Plant Ingredients Chart to craft your own stories and arrangements.

‘Making Party Gifts’ illustrates how to create three simple but precious types of gifts, using succulents, air plants, and mini-terrariums.
Class time: 42 min. of video lessons



Baylor is the founder & principal designer of Lila B. Design, a modern floral design shop in San Francisco’s Mission District.
She is the author of The Plant Recipe Book, 100 Living Arrangements for Any Home in Any Season. Her work has been featured in a range of publications, including Sunset Magazine, California Home+Design, Brides Magazine, and Gardenista.

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Video: Creating Living Arrangements

How to Make a Living Centerpiece

Follow a step-by-step demonstration of creating an arrangement from scratch. Learn how to choose a base, a foundation and an array of plants for your centerpiece. Then learn how to use the Japanese art of kokedama (wrapping plant roots in moss for beautiful presentation) to elevate your creations. Watch as Baylor addresses the three design considerations of color, scale and texture, then hear her tips for successful care and watering as she finishes the arrangement.

Video: Making Living Gifts

Make Living Gifts

In this segment, Baylor shows you the simple magic of creating little gifts with living plants. She demonstrates potting up a tiny succulent, making a mini-terrarium, and artfully presenting Tillandsia air plants.

Additional Materials

Excerpts from The Plant Recipe Book:
Choosing Your Container
Plant Ingredients Chart
How to Water